The Steppes

A Tribute to early Steve Hackett

“The accuracy and level of detail is outstanding”
~ Nick Magnus
(original keyboardist)

“A wonderful inspiring experience”
~ Armando Gallo
(Genesis Biographer)

“Keeping the flame alive, recreating those magic moments”
~ Dik Cadbury
(orignal bassist)

“A worthy tribute to Steve Hackett’s legacy”
~ Alan Hewitt
(Official Biographer)

Our Story…

The Steppes formed in Los Angeles during the summer of 2016 with the aim of bringing to the stage a true-to-life portrayal of musical tales and adventurous productions which have long remained sealed within the grooves of Steve Hackett’s Charisma albums: Voyage of the Acolyte, Please Don’t Touch, Spectral Mornings, Defector, Cured, and Highly Strung

A special focus on recreating the original studio performances makes for a different kind of canvas, that when unwrapped allows room to include classic songs never played live during those original tours. Following their concert debut and resulting video, word instantly began to spread about the group, garnering international acclaim from fans, prominent figures within Genesis circles, and recognition from the original members of Hackett’s first touring band.

For anyone who bore witness to the supernova of progressive rock, and for newcomers alike, to experience The Steppes live is to place the listener not just in front of the music, but inside the story as well.

Meet The Steppes…

Musicians with a pedigree in the Progressive Rock world, performing with various original projects (Neal Morse Band, Alan White Band, Gekko Projekt, etc.) as well as tribute bands for the music of Genesis (Squonk, Gabble Ratchet), Yes (Awaken, Parallels) and Rush (A Farewell to Kings).

Jonathan Sindelman

Jonathan Sindelman


Scott Connor

Scott Connor

Drums, Vocals

Pamela George

Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards.  

Peter Matuchniak

Peter Matuchniak

Electric and Nylon Guitars

Randy George

Bass, Pedals, Vocals

The accuracy and level of detail is outstanding

Nick Magnus

Hackett Keyboards 1978-89

Keeping the flame alive, recreating those magic moments

Dik Cadbury

Hackett Bassist 1978-80

A wonderful inspiring experience

Armando Gallo

Genesis Biographer

A worthy tribute to Steve Hackett’s legacy

Alan Hewitt

Hackett Biographer

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